With the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games already concluding this Sunday, February 25 -- free skier Elizabeth Swaney can proudly say she made it to the Olympics, and captivated as well as confused a worldwide audience.

Swaney, a 33-year-old Oakland resident who is competing for Hungary, citing her grandparents' heritage, qualified by competing in 13 halfpipe events leading up to the games, despite being unable to do any tricks, which was all part of her plan, reports SB Nation.

Essentially exploiting the system, Swaney qualified for the Olympics through a sort of loophole, as athletes were required a number of top-30 finishes to qualify for the half-pipe at the games, so she would enter competitions with fewer than 30 athletes in the field, which eventually assures the requirement would be met.

Had Swaney crashed in multiple events, she wouldn’t have made it to the Olympics, but since she maintained a minimum score throughout, that was enough to carry her through, while proudly representing Hungary.

With commentators and spectators confused at what they witnessed, Swaney believes that even though her performance was laughable, her competing has the chance to make a difference.

"I want to inspire others in Hungary and the world to become involved in freestyle skiing," she told the Denver Post. "Maybe perhaps I’m the bridge to those who want to get started in the life of freestyle skiing and I want to show people that, yeah, it’s possible to get involved in freestyle skiing through a variety of backgrounds."

What do you think of her approach? Happily share your thoughts below.

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on SB Nation.

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