Perfecting your accessory game is arguably one of the most important weapons to have in your arsenal as winter begins to rear its head. Not only are you doing your body a great servitude by dressing right for once, but a strong accessory game can also make or break any one of your crafted fits.

Highlighting an array of brands known for producing some of the finest winter accessories, our selection features perfect glove options from the likes of Stüssy and Carhartt, neck gaiters from The North Face, and scarves from Patagonia and Wood Wood.

Without further ado, our definitive accessories guide can be shopped below, with even more available on the HHV online store.

Neck Gaiter

The North Face


NMD Balaklava



Military Gloves

Carhartt WIP


Printed Gloves



E- Tip Gloves

The North Face


Firin Beanie



Brodeo Beanie