As winter plunges the world (or at least our Berlin office) into sub-zero temperatures, it’d be wise to consider overhauling your outerwear selection.

If you’re looking for something a little more street than an overcoat or shearling, then we suggest you consider adding a puffer jacket to your winter arsenal.

A staple of ’90s streetwear and hip-hop style, the puffer has long been a trusty cold-weather option thanks to the insulating properties of its down filling.

The jacket’s cropped cut allows for much better mobility than a longer overcoat or parka, and its oversized silhouette will bulk up your frame – making it ideal for those with slimmer physiques.

Unsurprising given their popularity in the ’90s, Supreme has regularly included puffer jackets in its winter collections, either in collaboration with The North Face or as part of its mainline. While the NYC legend recently dropped its latest TNF collab, there’s plenty more options out there if you don’t fancy walking around with a Malcolm X quote liberally splayed all over your torso.

Reflective Down Jacket


Stone Island

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The outerwear maestros at Stone Island are well-versed with the puffer jacket, regularly dropping high-performance winter gear engineered with typically whacky fabrics. A highlight of this season’s collection includes an insulated down jacket coated with tiny glass beads for a dazzling night-time reflective effect.

If you’re thinking of investing in a puffer then, as with any new wardrobe addition, we advise you shop around a bit before rushing into anything you’ll regret. Jackets filled with superior goose down can get real expensive, while cheaper versions tend to come with less desirable synthetic fillings. One warning on genuine down fillings – they do not like to get wet, so check that your jacket’s shell is suitably water-resistant before pulling the trigger.

For more FW15 wardrobe solutions, check out our style tips on wool overcoats, shearling jackets and Chelsea boots.

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Words by Alec Leach
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