When Hennessy tapped Bristol Studio to create an exclusive collaboration inspired by three of its biggest ambassadors, the LA-based apparel company was humbled beyond measure. Now, we’ve got an inside look at how the collab came to life.

Bristol was asked to create a limited-edition item that spoke directly to each of its ambassadors: a floor seat for rapper A$AP Ferg, bespoke sunglasses for international artist Maluma, and a leather belt and 14k gold buckle for championship boxer Canelo Alvarez.

For Luke Tadashi, Bristol’s co-founder and creative director, it was an opportunity to use his innovative and experimental approach to design in a fresh way. We got an inside look at how Tadashi approached each item, from the production issues he faced to translating the exact specifications from each ambassador into the final product.

“Stadium chairs don’t necessarily have the best feel, they’re upholstered in vinyl which is meant to feel like fake leather,” explains Tadashi. “It just doesn’t speak to the quality [Hennessy & Ferg] were trying to communicate, so we had to entirely reupholster the chair in genuine leather.”

Watch the video above to get an intimate look at Bristol’s design process and how each piece came into existence, and click here to learn how you can win one of these items through an exclusive sweepstakes.

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