Now that marijuana has become legal in California; luxury cannabis products have emerged that cater to an elevated customer. The quintessential “stoner” stereotype is far outdated, and a new wave of elevated pot smokers is emerging. It's less the image of unathletic male living in their mother's basement playing video games, and more like an Equinox gym member who drinks Pressed Juice and has a really nice looking vape pen.

Much like streetwear over the past couple of years, something that was once "underground" is starting to find its footing and the beginning of an entirely new luxury consumer marketplace. Instead of getting dosed gummy bears from a shop with bars on the windows, the new consumer purchases dosed artisanal chocolate covered blueberries from a glass and stained wood storefront on Abbot Kinney. Today, we are proud to present the first look at our upcoming documentary: High End: The Regal-ization of Cannabis.

Shot in LA, we take a closer look at several well-known cannabis brands and shops including MedMenLowell Smokes, Bloom FarmsHelloMD, Beboe and Lord Jones as we explore their luxurious weed-centric products consuming the marketplace. From all-natural CBD (cannabidiol) gum drops to weed bouquets, these next level items make a typical bong feel like an antique.

The documentary also examines the past, present, and future of the California weed culture. We sit down with several industry insiders like Estrohaze to discuss the lifestyles of multicultural women in the industry, cultural appropriation, and how state and federal regulations will affect brands as legalization grows nationwide.

Witness the change of the marijuana industry in the teaser trailer for High End above, and catch the full documentary premiering on 4/20 in Los Angeles.

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