Idris Elba announced today that he has tested positive for coronavirus. The 47-year-old actor shared the news on Twitter with a post that includes a video discussing the disease.

"This morning I tested positive for Covid 19," he tweeted. "I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus."

Elba went on to add that while he didn't have any symptoms, he decided to quarantine himself and get tested after being in contact with someone who had previously tested positive.

"Really think about social distancing, washing your hands," he continued, "Beyond that, there are people out there who aren't showing symptoms and that can easily spread it, OK? So now's the real time to be really vigilant about washing your hands and keeping your distance, OK?"

Elba isn't the first Hollywood star to test positive for coronavirus. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson previously informed the public they had tested positive for the virus, as did French-Ukrainian actress and model Olga Kurylenko.

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