While it sadly looks like we’re not getting a chronological feed anytime soon, Instagram has announced a brand new update to its user bios. As of today, whenever an account or hashtag is mentioned in a profile, the app will now display a live, interactive link.

For example, those wanting to engage with Highsnobiety can now put “@highsnobiety” or “#highsnobiety” in their profile and Instagram will provide a link to the relevant account and hashtag hub page (prior to this change, the app displayed the mentions as plain text). Do note that any accounts you choose to include will receive a notification.

If you’re looking to include links to third-party websites, that option will still be available via the “Website” field in your bio. The change comes shortly after Instagram revealed users were able to follow their favorite hashtags in an effort to curb sifting through numerous posts.

What do you think of the new change? Let us know in the comments below.

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