Last month, we reported about an Italian artist, Salvatore Garau, selling his invisible sculpture for $18,300. Well, a performance artist from Gainesville, Florida, seems to have heard the news as well and is now suing, claiming Garau stole the idea from his own “Nothing” sculpture.

Florida artist Tom Miller claimed he installed his own invisible sculpture in Gainesville’s Bo Diddley Community Plaza, an outdoor event space, back in 2016. The piece was aptly titled "Nothing." Understandably, seeing some artist across the pond cash in $18,000 for a similar idea didn't sit right with Miller.

“When I saw that I thought ‘that’s exactly my idea’ and ideas are important in the world, and recognition for those ideas are important. So I simply wanted that attribution so I contacted him, he dismissed it away, and then I hired an Italian attorney,” Miller told Gainesville news outlet WCJB. “The space in our world is legitimate to work with as an artistic product. So the idea is fashioning nothing into a sculpture, and that’s what the lawsuit is all about."

Miller continued, saying a simple Google search – which, we really advise you to do – could have sufficed for Garau to know the invisible sculpture has been done before. “If you Google ‘Tom Miller Nothing’ you can easily see I had this whole paradigm sorted out before Salvatore Garau ever even thought of doing a sculpture of nothing.”

So how much is he suing for? It's not clear. Miller maintains all he wants is credit for his work.

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