IT has been out for two weeks already in the U.S. yet Warner Bros. has been kind enough to keep feeding us featurettes, the latest showing how director Andy Muschietti worked with Bill Skarsgard to make the antagonist so terrifying. In the 2.5-minute piece, Muschietti explains how he kept Pennywise's appearance hidden from the young cast as long as possible. We learn that the first time the Losers Club actually saw what Pennywise looked like altogether was during the projector scene, so that's probably the best measurement of how scared the kids actually were in front of the neighborhood villain.

In addition, the creator of the character himself, Stephen King, weighed in with, "Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, he did us all proud." Bill, of course, took the compliment kindly but to see the transformation for yourself, hit play above.

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