The holidays are all about food and quality family time, but the shopping part can often prove to be a nightmare.

There’s no getting around the fact that presents are on the back of everyone’s mind right now, which is why, to save you the hassle and stress, we’ve come up with a series of specially curated guides on what exactly you should be buying. We’ll be rolling out everything from toys to clothes over the coming weeks, allowing you to complete your holiday shopping from the cozy comfort of home.

Jewelry is the perfect go-to holiday gift. It’s safe, permanent and will always remind that special someone of who you are, even if you’re not there.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle shine or want to go out-and-out bling, we’ve carefully curated a list of products ranging from an A.P.C. rubik necklace to a Phillip Airaud white gold earring. Scroll through our selection below and make sure to pick up something special.

Hollie Paxton single tag earring

Single Tag Earring

Hollie Paxton


Hollie Paxton turns rubbish into gold (or, if you want to be literal, silver jewelry). This earring, fashioned into a throwaway tag, can also be worn as a brooch.

Hollie Paxton confectionary corner wrapper earring

Confectionary Corner Wrapper Earring

Hollie Paxton


Another one of Hollie Paxton’s creations, this earring resembles the corner of a confectionary wrapper that’s been torn off. It’s made of gold-plated silver.

0.88 by Phillip Airaud sing pin earring in white gold

Single Pin Earing in White Gold

0.88 by Phillip Airaud


Phillip Airaud and Charlotte Björkland teamed up with 0.88 to create jewelry that harmoniously combines fragility, strength and simplicity, all of which is in the earring above. Slightly more expensive but a lot of work has gone into making this piece perfect, something that will be appreciated.

BIIS big staple earring

Big Staple Earing



More wallet-friendly than the two above, this big staple earring by BIIS follows the trend of making everyday items into fashion accessories.

ALL BLUES platform brushed and polished ring in silver

Platform Brushed And Polished Signet Ring In Silver



Crafted from 925 sterling silver, this ALL BLUES ring features a brushed finish and polished top side. A big emphasis was put on quality and simple design when producing this ring and the result is a timeless piece of jewelry.

A.P.C. rubik necklace

Rubik Necklace



The first necklace on our list and it’s from famed French fashion label A.P.C. It’s simple but not boring and a great addition to anyone’s collection of jewelry.

BIIS carabiner pendant

Carabiner Pendant



BIIS is back on our list with a carabiner pendant made from sterling silver. If someone you know already has a chain but is missing a pendant — this is for you.

Tom Wood bullet pendant

Bullet Large

Tom Wood


This bullet pendant is not only a cool piece, it’s also hollow which allows you to hide a secret message or item inside it. It’s made of 925 sterling silver with a black diamond in the front and comes with a 22-inch long silver chain.

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