With everyone still caught up in the hype surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which set a new a box office record as the fastest movie to earn $1 billion, it should hardly come as a surprise that Twitter accounts based on characters in the film would also gain a significant following.

As the film's lead villain, Kylo Ren has proven to be one of the reboot's most polarizing and captivating new characters. Played by 32-year-old actor Adam Driver of Girls fame (thankfully redeeming himself in his latest role), the dark warrior strong with "The Force" is a moody young adversary with a hot temper, a past, and a lightsaber, making for some interesting character development... and a hilarious parody Twitter account.

The site, which refers to itself as "Emo Kylo Ren" (Twitter handle: @KyloR3n), began posting on December 21, just three days after the release of the film, and has already accumulated a staggering 373,000-plus followers.

We've rounded up a few gems spewed out from the account to prove why it's definitely worth a follow.

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