Earlier this year, we premiered our fave Liana Banks' single "Bad Manners," a heartfelt ode to a lost love that was also incredibly thirst-inducing. Now, we've got the premiere to the visual accompaniment, and you best prepare yourself, as this is a thirst trap to the max. Guaranteed to put sweat on your brow even in an AC-blasted room, watch it all go down below.

In an email to Highsnobiety, Liana dished on the making of the Zach Stone-directed visual and its real life inspo: "I'm almost always the most blunt girl in the room. Soft-spoken sonically, but firm and colorful when it comes to sharing my opinions. For some reason when I'm crushing hard on someone I do a complete 360. I keep most of my intimate thoughts bottled up until I completely feel the vibe out (protect your heart at all costs). This song came about after an experience like this. The Simen-Sez & Maestro produced beat reminded me of the flirty relationship we had. I finally got to say what I always wanted to. He ended up having kids though, lol. One half of me is like 'whew, I dodged a bullet,' but the other half wonders if he's heard it yet?"

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