Venita McCollum wrote the book on how to raise a rapper — literally. The mother of Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty has released a book about rearing aspiring entertainers titled Raising A Rapper. 

Billed as a “step-by-step guide for parents rearing kids with dreams in the entertainment industry,” Raising a Rapper takes McCollum's own experience managing Lil Yachty's career and turns it into parental advice, both practical and legal, to help kids follow their dreams. The book opens with a foreword from Lil Yachty.

"There are so many things that instil a sense of fear in parents whose kids want to enter into creative industries," McCollum writes in a press release. "I’ve learned so much along this journey and hope I can calm these parents’ fears based on my real-life experiences through my son’s rise to stardom."

McCollum has been instrumental in Yachty's career on many levels. She currently serves as the CFO of Lil Boat Sailing Team, Yachty Touring, and Boat Boy Publishing. She also has a blog and a podcast, in addition to now being an author.

Raising a Rapper is now available to purchase on Amazon and

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