Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has rolled out a wig snatching video for her hit single "Big Ole Freak" and it's loaded with a heavy dose of visual stimulation. Within the comfort of a blow-up bubble bath, Megan and her red hot crew make a big splash while dressed down in collars, chokers, garter belts, latex, and chains. Somehow, she doesn't make a mess or even break a nail while she's bouncing around and boasting about her ability to quench the thirst of her sexual partners. The sensation of sexual liberation is so powerful that it might just break your screen. After all, there's nothing more sexy than being 100% shame-free.

"This is the hottest video out in 2019 right now," she told Complex. "All my big ole freaks will enjoy this."

The LilJuMadeDaBeat-produced track samples Immature's “Is It Love This Time?” and is featured on her 2018 EP Tina Snow. She is currently working on a follow-up project. Stay tuned for more from Megan Thee Stallion and dive into all the freaky fun in the twerk-filled video above.

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