Actress Meryl Streep has become the target of a new smear campaign following the widespread sexual assault allegations made against Harvey Weinstein. The posters, which have been placed across Los Angeles, feature Streep standing next to Weinstein with the words “she knew” across her face in the style of artist Barbara Kruger and, later, Supreme.

The sudden appearance of posters follows initial accusations made by Rose McGowan, who blasted Streep for remaining silent during her time working with Weinstein. Although it was initially uncertain who started the campaign, a recent article in The Guardian revealed the posters were the handiwork of a conservative street artist, Sabo.

Sabo, who runs the alt-right website Unsavory Agents, said the project was conceived by himself and two collaborators as retaliation for Streep using her latest Oscar-tipped film, The Post, to bash Trump. “She’s swiping at us so we’re swiping back,” he said.

Although the campaign does bring awareness to co-conspirators of Weinstein’s actions, the ulterior motive behind the attack has raised more than a few eyebrows. For more on this particular campaign, check out the full article on The Guardian.

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