Today is the first Monday in May, a date known to fashion-heads as the evening of the Met Gala. 

It’s basically the Super Bowl of fashion, wherein celebrities don their finest and most extravagant threads to appeal to the theme, exclusive guest-list allocator Anna Wintour, and of course raise funds for the Met's Costume Institute. Tickets to attend can fetch for about $35,000, and after last year's "Camp" themed gala, the total amount of funds raised is expected to surpass $200m. It's a Hunger Games-esque spectacle that's every bit as over the top as it sounds. However, the spread of Covid-19 has duly postponed this year's event (and the “About Time: Fashion and Duration" exhibition) for the foreseeable future, leaving a dearth of celebrity fashion content and "who wore what" listicles in its absence. To counter this, we commissioned a court-room sketch artist to illustrate some fashion fan-fiction for the Met Gala 2020 that never happened. Pooling together our most optimistic expectations, we've applied this year's theme of time to some of our "Best-dressed" regulars with a TBT from Naomi Campbell's first ever Versace show, surrealist interpretations from Salvador Dalí, and a Vintage Mugler piece from Kim Kardashian, in keeping with her recent Met Gala efforts.  Explore the fantasy looks on our faves including Frank Ocean, Lizzo, and Timothée Chalamet below with quotes from Highsnobiety's style team. 

Frank Ocean in Prada FW20

"This is an insight into how Raf at Prada might look, as he was almost definitely consulting for this collection"

Timothée Chalamet in Thom Browne FW14

"Everyone loves Thom Browne, everyone loves Timothée Chalamet. Yes, the bag is Littlefoot from The Land Before Time"

Lizzo in Schiaparelli x Dalî

"I feel like with Lizzo she always has some has some kind of story to what she's wearing. When you think of the theme of time, I always imagine some kind of Dalî reference, so we wanted to have something that is very surreal and of the moment collide with Lizzo who is also very surreal and of the moment. When she did that tiny bag thing? That felt like a very dada-esque gesture. A surrealist icon."

Harry Styles in Gucci FW20

"You can't count on much in life but you can count on Harry Styles showing up in Gucci. We also gave him a Flavor Flav clock"

Naomi Campbell in Versace SS91

"This outfit is a throwback to the Spring/Summer 1991 and the first show she ever walked for Versace"

Kim Kardashian in Thierry Mugler FW95

"Kim is never really on-theme for the Met gala.  She's post-theme. And she loves Thierry Mugler, Kim's fashion is often about instant impact."

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