Missy Elliott was the guest on latest episode of Desus & Mero. During the sit-down with the Bodega Boys, the legendary MC dished on her beginnings in Virginia with Timbaland, her signature drip and, of course, her enourmous sneaker collection.

Speaking about how she developed her signature fearless style, Missy explained, "We wasn't in an era where people were trying to look fly, it was originality. I felt like if I wanted to do something I wanted to be where you couldn't say there was a Missy Elliott before Missy Elliott."

Desus took the opportunity to call out Missy and ask the question we've all at some point wanted to know the answer to: "How many sneakers you got?" He continued, "Cos I got a sneaker room, but I'm pretty sure you're about to crush me." Missy Elliott epically answered, “I have a warehouse of sneakers [...] If you think of a warehouse: wall to wall, side by side.”

Missy detailed her insane sneaker collection and revealed her one unexpected sneaker obsession.“I have a lot of old Jordans, a lot of adidas, cos I was with them for a long time [...] But now, every color of [Versace] Chain Reactions there is,” she confessed, even wearing a pair during the sit down.

In addition, Missy discussed what it takes to get her crazy nails done, her obsession with true crime shows and dished out advice on how to make it in the industry. Press play below to hear what all the iconic rapper had to say on Desus & Mero.

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