Haven’t had time to get around to all of that last-minute present-shopping for your loved ones? Not to worry, Highsnobiety Music is here for you with our Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve rounded up a few items that will make the music-lovers in your life sing your praises well into the new year.

To keep things interesting, we’ve decided to exclude tour merch from the list. Below are only the choicest, oddest, most memorable items to kick your giving-game up a notch. So without further ado, here is Highsnobiety Music’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017.

Daft Punk puzzle

What better way to keep yourself entertained at your family gathering than with a 1,000 piece Daft Punk puzzle? Created with Ravensburger, purveyor of fine puzzles since 1891, the jigsaw features iconography from some of the robotic duo’s most iconic visuals, like “Around the World” and “Da Funk.”

2 Chainz’ ugly Christmas sweaters

No Christmas is complete without an ugly sweater, and 2 Chainz has come through with a plentiful assortment of threads guaranteed to turn a few heads at whatever function you grace with your presence. This year’s offerings reference the cover of the Hair Weave Killer’s excellent new album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. We heard they like ugly sweaters too.

A$AP Rocky’s gingerbread cookie kit

Creating the ultimate confectionary abode just got a whole lot easier thanks to A$AP Rocky. The rapper has teamed with AWGE Snacks to create an all-in-one gingerbread cookie kit, complete with cookie mix, a cookie cutter, icing pens and candy beads. The perfect holiday munchie!

Chance the Rapper’s ‘3 hat’

Chance is always wearing his, and now you can wear it too. That’s right, it’s his ubiquitous ‘3 hat,’ now available in festive color schemes! Ideal for all Chance the Rapper roleplay and singalongs.

Rare, expensive Earl Sweatshirt beats

Earl Sweatshirt made beats for elusive rapper Mach-Hommy’s new EP Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Las Muertos. The catch? It’s only available on BandCamp, and you have to pay over $100 for it. Gift this to an Earl Sweatshirt fan and you will be in their good graces for time immemorial.

Some damn good headphones

Every music lover needs a superior pair of headphones, it’s the most essential of essentials. Take a look at our handy guide to 11 excellent noise-cancelling headphones which includes the above, the Sennhesier HD 4.50.

Frank Ocean pillow

It’s been a long day, you’re at your wit’s end, and you are alone in your apartment. You lay down, quietly crying to yourself at the hardships and stress of your life. You are so alone. Wrong; Frank Ocean pillow is there, Frank Ocean pillow is listening. Let him sop up your tears and harbor all your darkest secrets.

Beyoncé Christmas tree topper

There is absolutely no need for us to explain why you need a Beyoncé Christmas tree topper. You just do; we all do. And the sales proceeds go to the non-profit Women To Look Up To, leaving you no reason not to cop this immediately.

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