Last week, Netflix premiered a new movie, All the Bright Places. Though most viewers enjoyed the film, some are calling out the streaming platform for failing to include a trigger warning and dropping a misleading trailer.

Starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, All the Bright Places is based on Jennifer Niven's best-selling novel by the same title. The Brett Harley-directed film follows two Indiana teens —Violet Markey and Theodore Finch — who connect over their emotional struggles.

Though the official trailer makes it look like any other romantic drama, the film actually deals with serious topics such as mental illnesses and suicide, which has triggered quite a few viewers. Watch the trailer for yourself below.

"All The Bright Places on Netflix should have a trigger warning," one viewer said. "The movie portrays people going through different mental illnesses and is not a rom-com."

Another fan tweeted, "If you watch it, it's not a cheesy love story the trailer makes it seem like. It deals with triggering topics and could be hard to watch."

All in all, though, most viewers agree that the movie is worth a watch. Scroll down for more of the viewers' reactions.

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