It's no secret that people who join Netflix are likely to get drawn into binge-watching. As per Quartz, new subscribers, on average,  first begin to binge-watch a series just 12 days after signing up. In that regard, it's not hard to see why viewers storm through the likes of Black Mirror and The Cloverfield Paradox

While the online site is consistently updated with new and original content, for many of us, we can trace our downward spiral into Netflix binge-watching back to one show. Based on Netflix's analysis of viewing patterns among global members in the past five years, binge-watching is defined as finishing at least one season of a series (with 5 episodes or more) within 7 days of starting.

Excluding kids and family shows, compiled below are the top 10 shows, in the global market, that first got viewers hooked.

1. Breaking Bad 2. Orange is the New Black 3. The Walking Dead 4. Stranger Things 5. Narcos 6. House of Cards 7. Prison Break 8. 13 Reasons Why 9. Grey's Anatomy 10. American Horror Story

As expected, many of the series feature Netflix Originals such as Emmy-award winning series' Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black with a few long-running favorites such as Grey's Anatomy making an appearance. In the U.S. market, however, Orange Is the New Black was the most popular show that got people hooked on binge-watching, alongside licensed shows Sons of Anarchy and Family Guy.

Check out the top 10 for the U.S. below.

1. Breaking Bad 2. Orange is the New Black 3. The Walking Dead 4. Stranger Things 5. House of Cards 6. Sons of Anarchy 7. Fuller House 8. American Horror Story 9. Family Guy 10. Grey's Anatomy

If you're curious to discover your own first-binge, check your Netflix account page, select “viewing history,” and scroll to the bottom – providing you haven't already erased it.

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