Jimmy Kimmel's popular Mean Tweets segment is both hilarious and unforgiving for the famous people who are essentially placed in the spotlight to read mean tweets about themselves.

For its latest installment during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, artists like Pink, Fall Out Boy, Usher, Ludacris, Adam Levine, Blink 182, Nick Jonas and many others read a special edition that was primarily focused on musicians and bands.

Some of the hilarious mean tweets highlighted are directed towards Pink, whose music was listed "for obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkingly walk into a Denny’s and ruin everyone’s evening," to Nick Jonas now compared to a ferrit and Fall Out Boy as the "Comic Sans MS of music."

Others took cheap shots like "The Lumineers are the musical equivalent to a triple venti half-sweet iced caramel macchiato," read the indie-folk act, rapper Common was labeled as "the Pottery Barn of rappers," and an unhappy fan commented, "I left more talent in my toilet this morning than Green Day has ever had."

Check out the full clip above, and in case you missed it, watch Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue at the Oscars.

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