ON Running

Swiss performance brand ON continues its reign of technical lifestyle goods with the Swiss Legacy Jacket, a limited-edition hiking poncho of sorts that can link its entire journey — from the design to locally-sourced fabrics and techniques — to the brand's Zurich HQ.

Built to celebrate all things Alpine, the jacket merges a minimal silhouette with element protection and ultimate functionality. ON's head of product design Thilo Alex Brunner explained the importance of such qualities in conversation with Highsnobiety earlier this year. “Switzerland has a very functional history when it comes to product design. We’re known to be a bit over-rational sometimes. In Swiss design tradition, it's not a sequential process where design or engineering comes first. We've always worked very closely together."

He added, “We all know that in fashion something can have a moment but that moment can go away again. That’s why I think it’s really important to be functional. If you can make sure functionality is the foundation of a product, then I believe it will have a very long lifespan and won’t just be a trend.”

The Swiss Legacy Jacket is the latest physical example of that foundation. The piece is crafted from densely woven organic cotton — EtaProof, a highly technical weave that self-seals when exposed to moisture, making the piece extremely weatherproof, breathable, and relentlessly durable. It's also super flexible, thanks to the sleeves, which are made from four-way stretch fabric courtesy of activewear textile kings, Schoeller.

There are only 500 Swiss Legacy Jackets available worldwide. Each one is numbered, costs £710.00 (approximately $917), and you can cop yours via the button below.

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