Just in case you needed a reminder, a new Our Legacy Workshop collection has arrived to show that sustainability is stylish.

It's been a good year to be an Our Legacy fan. Not only has the Swedish label delivered characteristically effortlessly cool seasonal collections, but it's also remained committed to delivering strong collaborations throughout the year. 

Spring/Summer, in particular, had a lot to offer, as Legacy set the pace with a running collaboration alongside Satisfy before striding into a delivery of beach-ready streetwear gear with Stüssy. While it felt like enough to prepare us for Fall/Winter, it wasn't all that was on the menu. Soon followed a second Stüssy-stamped capsule of summer goods and a celebration of indigo with Byredo Byproduct.

Following the Byredo collab, we got our first look at the brand's Spring/Summer 2022 collection, "Deju Vu," leading us to assume it was ready to taper off and let FW21 carry us (and our growing wishlists) into the new year. Once again, we assumed incorrectly. 

Thanks to Our Legacy Workshop, another capsule collection of products equipt for the seasonal transition are arriving. Workshop, described by Our Legacy co-founder Jockum Hallin as "an experimental way of creating exciting pieces from leftover stock and fabrics, elevating something old into something new and desirable," is a regular reminder that sustainability doesn't have to be dull. 

A new selection of brightly colored upcycled products will be arriving at the Our Legacy and Our Legacy Workshop stores from September 10. 

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