panasonic ms ds100 shoe deodorizer Panasonic MS-DS100
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panasonic ms ds100 shoe deodorizer Panasonic MS-DS100

Japanese electronic giant Panasonic has introduced a shoe deodorizer with the MS-DS100, aimed to remove unpleasant shoe odors in a simple way.

According to the company’s official announcement, the deodorizer is equipped with the brand’s original ion particles, “nanoe X,” to dissolve and eliminate odors, produced by foot sweat and bacteria.

When the product is set in shoes and the switch turned on, “nanoe X” is generated and spreads from six outlets to every corner of the shoes to remove the distinct scent. Two operation modes are offered, with the normal mode providing about five hours of operation, while the long mode runs for approximately seven hours to remove the more stubborn odors.

The MS-DS100 also operates on a mobile battery so it can be used where there is no AC power outlet. Furthermore, the storage case provided with the device accommodates the cap sections that are inserted into shoes for use, so the product can be stored neatly. The caps with antibacterial treatment can be removed and washed with water, so they can be used hygienically.

Availability for the MS-DS100 in Japan begins September 20, while a worldwide release has yet to be announced. For the full details, head on over to Panasonic.

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