Earlier this month, in a hollowed out Berlin building that was once a supermarket, PUMA introduced the all-new Running System (RS) range to a global crowd of industry movers and shakers and local insiders.

On entering, guests were taken on a historical journey through PUMA’s archives showcasing original ‘80s styles such as the RS-Computer, RS-100, and RS-1. Further into the space, PUMA introduced fresh iterations of the classic RS-100 and the RS-Computer and the all-new RS-0 and RS-350. The remastered RS-0 strips the OG silhouette back to basics, rebuilding it from the ground up with more attention paid to its stylistic qualities as well as functionality. The PUMA RS-0 is “taking something from the past, evolving it, and reinventing it for today,” explains Heiko Desens, PUMA’s Creative Director of Sportstyle. PUMA has looked to the past to inspire the present and explore how it can help push forward with further innovation.

Displayed in colored glass rooms, the RS-Sound, RS-0 Optic, and RS-0 Gaming were also revealed for the very first time. Each sneaker representing one of three RS stories of reinvention — music, photography, and gaming — and highlighting how these realms have changed with the advent of new technology.


The night also saw the unveiling of PUMA’s upcoming collaborations with SEGA, Polaroid, Roland, and ADER error, further exploring the music, photography, and gaming angle.


PUMA’s collaboration with SEGA takes its colors from SEGA’s classic Sonic the Hedgehog character, creating the PUMA RS-0 Sonic. A blue-toned textured suede upper references Sonic’s fur, while a white midsole and red outsole allude to his famous running shoes.


The PUMA RS-0 Polaroid and the PUMA RS-0 Roland both refer to game-changing technologies within their respective fields of photography and music. The iconic Polaroid OneStep lends its design to a white leather upper while the Polaroid Colour Spectrum graphic appears on the shoe’s heel. The Roland collab, on the other hand, takes hints from the TR-808 drum machine that grew popular in the 1980s and was highly influential within hip-hop. The red, orange, and yellow accents on the black upper match the TR-808’s iconic trigger keys; the sole features text found on the instrument including the phrase “Rhythm Composer.”


Linking up with ADER error, PUMA presents versions of the RS-0 and RS-100 distinctly designed by the ever-eccentric Seoul-based label. The RS-0 comes in two colorways, black and blue, with bold text on the midsole and upper. The RS-100 features a white upper, silver formstripe, and a protruding heel feature that resembles the connection port on the original RS-Computer.


The evening was soundtracked by Berlin-based DJs NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND, Nico Adomako, and Virginia, and another section of the space featured an arcade that would have had the Stranger Things kids jumping for joy. Mortal Kombat, Galaga, Star Wars and Star Trek pinball, Dance Dance Revolution, Japanese favorite Taiko no Tatsujin, and many other classic games systems proved even more popular than the bar.


The PUMA RS-0 drops worldwide April 19 while the collaborations can be expected throughout the year. Stay tuned for all the latest news.

Take a closer look at the new RS-0, RS-100, and RS-350.

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