Thai studio EKAR Architects has completed a house in Bangkok for a particular client that wanted to be closer to his parents again, with the intention of building a new property large enough to accommodate his growing family.

Dubbed "ReGEN House," the home is stacked in volumes and clad with a variety of materials that contain living spaces arranged around a swimming pool and garden, as its design borrows from traditional Thai typologies, where large families lived together in small detached homes around a central patio.

Consisting as a four-story structure, the home incorporates communal living spaces on the first level and accommodation for the client's family on the second, with the third floor used for the client's daughter's future family.

In terms of its cladding materials, wood and stone-textured tiles were used to differentiate the levels and features of the house, while different finishes throughout further create a collage-like effect and complement the neighborhood's surrounding architectural aesthetic as well.

For additional details, be sure to read the fully story at Arch Daily.

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