Following a midseason break, Rick and Morty has returned for the second half of season four, and it was more meta, chaotic, and violent than ever. The episode, titled “Never Ricking Morty,” managed to tie in the current Covid-19 pandemic, Lady Yoda, and an all-out kitten-puppy space war.

Last night's episode picked up as the pair made their way through a literal and metaphorical train full of alien characters from Rick's past. But the trip down memory lane turned into intergalactic Snowpiecer when the ticket collector was sliced in half. Rick and Morty were swiftly expelled from the train and sent off into alternate realities. There, they encounter even more violence, increasingly complicated storylines, and ludicrous characters including the “Matrix space Frasier” Story Lord.

Fans were relieved to see some old favorites, including an evil Mr. Poopybutthole, an army of Meeseeks. Scroll down for the best reactions.

It's very, very meta

And it's really confusing

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