On one hand, it's pretty cool seeing an old reliable RIMOWA suitcase that's earned its fair share of patina over the years, telling a tale of a life well-lived. On the other, those tough aluminum cases aren't cheap! Might as well keep the exterior as safe as the stuff inside, right? Here's where RIMOWA's latest creations, a quartet of all-black covers, come into play to ensure that your precious luggage looks as good in ten years as it does right now.

Although the covers are only available in a single black hue, they make up for their unassuming appearance. Their ultra-tough nylon promises to resist scuffs and water, and the branding ensures that everyone in the airport is still aware that, yes, you are toting a RIMOWA. All of the covers also boast an all-over zipper and magnet closure to fight against surprise unlatchings, designed to make it easy to access internal items without removing the cover.

All of the cases are customized to fit specific RIMOWA models — only Original Cabin, Check-In L, and Trunk Plus iterations are currently available — so that they can achieve a perfectly snug fit. RIMOWA's other suitcase sizes and more adventurous items — like the tiny personal cases and eyewear — might receive their own covers in the future but no word on future options just yet, though it seems like an easy sales slam dunk.

The covers may all be perused on RIMOWA's website and they can be purchased at any of the label's global flagship boutiques.

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