Don’t call it a comeback. R.M. Williams, much like LL Cool J, have been here for years. Since 1932, to be exact. The Australian bootmaker specializes in Chelsea boots, but they’ve recently expanded beyond that into other boot styles, and more casual footwear.

Williams Chelsea boots were unique when they were produced because they were made from a single piece of leather stitched at the back. They were known for being hardwearing, designed for equestrian riding and other general Western film-esque activity.

They’re one of the premier names in footwear for those who love shoes, alongside Church’s, Trickers and Crockett & Jones. They’ve even got some clothing – think Belstaff-like leather jackets, selvedge jeans and check shirts – but, as of right now, that part is still rather hit and miss (not to judge too harshly they only started clothing this year).

They’ve recently launched a new store in London-based supersized mall Westfield, showcasing all their goods at their best. Expect interiors with enough rich mahogany to please Ron Burgundy, alongside a full selection of R.M. Williams products.

If you’ve been looking to get on the good foot and get into some new boots, R.M. Williams should be your first port of call.

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