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In case you didn’t know, YouTube is an undeniably lucrative business, which sees a number of individuals profiting greatly from its platform. This isn’t just limited to adults, however, as one charismatic six-year-old has raked in a cool $11 million USD over the course of a year by reviewing toys on YouTube.

Ryan of YouTube channel “Ryan ToysReview” has been making videos since he was three years old. He first went viral back in 2015 when he uploaded a clip where he opened a giant easter egg. Since, Ryan has gone on to review the hottest toys on the market, ranging from Hot Wheels cars and fidget spinners to Pokémon cards and beyond. Oh, and on occasion, he also takes part in kid-friendly food challenges like trying out chocolate-covered noodles.

According to Forbes‘ list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities, Ryan’s channel accumulated $11 million USD in 2017, and as of this December he now has over 10 million subscribers and more than 16 million views.

In Ryan’s videos, you’ll often see his mother and father, along with his twin sisters, while his mom runs the YT channel full time.

And you’re probably wondering: what does a six-year-old do with all of these toys he receives? That’s the best part of all. Ryan donates the majority of the items he’s been gifted to charity.

For more on Ryan and Ryan ToysReview, press play above.

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