Saba is the latest to roll through COLORS Berlin for an incredibly smooth performance of his song “There You Go.” Although the Chicago rapper-producer was introduced to music at a young age thanks to his father, R&B artist Chandler, he caught a major W a few years back thanks to Chance the Rapper.

Chance recruited Saba to drop a verse on his Acid Rap song “Everybody’s Something” and write the chorus to Coloring Book‘s “Angels.” Since then, he’s released two mixtapes and an instrumental EP, and dropped his debut album Bucket List Project last year.

As for 2017, Saba has unleashed some impressive singles into the world – “Where Ideas Sing,” “How You Live,” and “There You Go,” which Pitchfork blessed with their “Best New Music” designation back in August.

Feast your ears on “There You Go” above, and keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive interview with Saba coming very soon.

Revisit Chance the Rapper’s “Angels” featuring Saba below.

In other music news, the 2018 Grammy Award nominations are in. Check out the full list of nominees including JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and SZA right here.

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