The long-awaited Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t hit theaters until this weekend, but critic reviews are already rolling in.

After the commercial success of the J.J. Abrams directed The Force Awakens, fans have been eager to jump back into the galaxy far, far away. Critics seem mostly united in their reviews of The Last Jedi, with many calling it one of the best in the saga, and even ranking it on the level of Empire Strikes Back (the best film in the series.) Even the negative reviews agree that the film is a sci-fi spectacle and enjoyable to watch.

Check out the trailer for The Last Jedi above, then scroll down and see what the top movie critics are saying about the highly anticipated sci-fi blockbuster below.

The Good

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi is easily the best in the franchise since Empire.”

Joshua Yehl, IGN

“The Last Jedi feels epic in a way these movies ought to and not just like a commercial for the next one. This is a staggering achievement of a sci-fi blockbuster and something I think most fans will be lining up to see again and again.”

Kyle Anderson, The Nerdist

“Director Rian Johnson delivers a tidal wave of energy and emotion in the eighth episode of the saga, as Luke, Leia, Finn and Rey step up to meet their destiny”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“The Last Jedi winds up being its own thing. It concludes with an overwhelming note of hope. It sets its ambitions high and follows through. And it walks the tricky line of surprising a savvy audience while also following its franchise’s familiar symmetries and tropes.”

Susana Polo, Polygon

“Mr. Johnson largely succeeds despite having inherited an elaborate ecosystem with a Manichaean worldview divided between heroes”

Manohla Dargis, NY Times

“The Last Jedi’ is ‘The Dark Knight’ of the ‘Star Wars’ saga”

Scott Mendelson, Forbes

The Meh

“Audiences will likely come away from The Last Jedi with a lot of complaints and questions. But they’re at least likely to feel they’re in the hands of someone who cares about the series as much as they do”

Tasha Robinson, The Verge

“Although “The Last Jedi” meets a relatively high standard for franchise filmmaking, Johnson’s effort is ultimately a disappointment.”

Peter Debruge, Variety

“The Last Jedi is a triumph with flaws. But through those flaws, it leaves us with a message as old as time.”

Chris Nashawaty, EW

The Bad

“Yet even with Luke integrated into the story, the film feels like a significant letdown, one that does far less than its predecessor to stoke enthusiasm for the next leg in the trilogy.”

Brian Lowry, CNN

“Intentions and inspiration aside, “Last Jedi” doesn’t add up to an “Empire Strikes Back” for this trilogy. There’s no romance, little pathos and no real punch-in-the-gut moment.”

Roger Moore, Movie Nation

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