After the botched limited release of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce last year, the fast food giant has announced it will be bringing the much-hyped condiment back again.

The sauce was made famous by Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, whose fans went wild for the sauce back in October 2017. Reports and social media posts emerged that fans of the show had allegedly protested outside McDonald’s locations and abused staff after the ultra-limited sauce had sold out.

Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, has since apologized for the treatment of staff as it became clear supply fell well short of demand.

Now McDonald’s aims to roll out a much larger release. In a post on its official website, aptly named wewantthesauce, McDonald’s confirmed “Szechuan Sauce is coming back, and in a big way.”

On Thursday, February 22, McDonald’s will confirm when, where, and how much Szechuan sauce will be returning. For the full announcement, head to the site here, or read the entire press release below.

“It’s true. Szechuan Sauce is coming back, and in a big way.

But we’re doing more than simply bringing back the sauce. We know there were many unanswered questions and even more unbelievable stories from last year’s Szechuan saga.

So, come this Thursday, February 22nd, we’ll not only announce when, where, and how much Szechuan Sauce will be returning. We’ll also answer those questions and share those stories via a stranger-than-fiction, three-part podcast series: The Sauce.”


McDonald’s employees have also already taken to social media to post pictures and videos of the Szechuan sauce’s arrival at certain locations. Check them out below.

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