The Night Day is a project by Keffer, a photographer who has captured what it’s like to party in Paris through a series of photographs and music.

The images — which feature A$AP Rocky, Diplo, and Katy Perry — as well as one or two other "unknowns," have been printed in a book, also titled The Night Day, that spans ten years of partying in Paris.

As Keffer explains in the book’s foreword:

The Night Day is an instant snapshot of that life without the sun, years of reporting on people who make and remake the night in Paris and everywhere Keffer goes.

The stars, the unknown, the opportunists, the organizers, the enthusiasts, the dancers, the artists. Some left, others are not even arrived yet, here is the incredible diversity of this world, this universe, that few know.

Flip through the photos above, some of which are slightly NSFW, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

To buy the book, visit the official site below. Retail is €50 (approximately $62).

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