The Weeknd has dropped the music video for "In Your Eyes," shortly after releasing the deluxe version of After Hours. The video, directed by Anton Tammi, picks up where the After Hours short film left off.

After getting off the elevator, The Weeknd begins haunting a bloody, distressed girl (Zaina Miuccia), following her around town and threatening her with a kitchen knife. At some point, the woman decides to take matters into her own hands and, after finding an axe, decapitates him. She then picks up The Weeknd's severed head and starts dancing with it for the rest of the video.

According to The Weeknd's recent tweets, more songs from After Hours will be getting a video. Yesterday, the singer told fans there will be "a lot of videos for this album."

Watch The Weeknd's disturbing video for "In Your Eyes" below.

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