Tiosk, Highsnobiety’s new T-shirt shop selling a series of tees designed exclusively for us, has opened its doors, with five limited designs available to cop right now.

The first edition stocks T-shirts from Souvenir Official, GEOGRAPHICS, BEINGHUNTED., and Carne Bollente, as well as one of our own design.

On sale for just one week, from today until August 14, the pieces are only available on the Highsnobiety online shop.

Shop the exclusive T-shirts below

EUnify Tie-Dye Longsleeve


Souvenir Official

Buy at Highsnobiety

European Dream T-Shirt


GEO Designs

Buy at Highsnobiety

Let's Give More Love T-Shirt


Carne Bollente

Buy at Highsnobiety

As Charlemagne T-Shirt



Buy at Highsnobiety

In Good Company T-Shirt



Buy at Highsnobiety

Tiosk is all about uniting brands and clothing via a common theme. It’s a stage on which we can raise awareness of the topics important to us and our peers, driving discussion and scratching below the surface of our favorite brands.

Tiosk's first edition asks what it means to be European, in a time when this identity is in constant flux.

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