Tommy Wiseau recently took to Twitter to offer some interesting life advice in a Q&A with fans.

The director of the cult-classic The Room, who has already gained nearly 100k followers despite only creating his account two weeks ago, answered a variety of questions, including how to write a screenplay and how he stays motivated. But no matter the topic, it seems that Wiseau has an answer for everything.

Check out some the of the best responses below.

Wiseau gives a little pep talk on how to avoid the stresses of work.

If you’re curious about how to meet the man himself, he appears to be quite open about his location.

If like us, you’d like to know Wiseau’s daily routine, here’s a quick insight.

Some bright advice to teenage him.

Wiseau on how many times you should watch The Room.

Although this isn’t strictly advice, it’s still nice to hear.

For more on Wiseau and the upcoming film The Disaster Artist, check out his recent interview with James Franco on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

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