Earlier this week, Business of Fashion shared fashion’s hottest brands of Q3, according to data analyzed by BoF in partnership with search platform, Lyst. Lyst in turn tracks 4.5 million data points per hour from over 65 million annual consumers, five million products and 12,000 brands. Results then showed that Balenciaga has overtaken Gucci (Gucci now being number two) as the top brand for the most recent quarter, while Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE has soared 31 spots to come in at number three.

Here’s the official list:

1. Balenciaga
2. Gucci
4. Vetements
5. Givenchy
6. Valentino
7. Saint Laurent
8. Stone Island
9. Moncler
10. Raf Simons

Abloh has no doubt been a busy man as of late, engaging in collaborations with everyone from IKEA and Rimowa to KITH, Champion and Nike, among countless others. The latter accounting for quite possibly his most coveted joint effort to date, the OFF-WHITE designer has firmly established himself as a part of fashion’s elite, no matter what the likes of Raf Simons have to say.

For additional reference, Virgil has surpassed his pal and mentor Kanye West, as YEEZY was recognized as the second hottest brand for Q2. Now, however, Kanye’s label is nowhere to be found in the top 10.

In transitioning from the top three, the following spots belong to Vetements (4), Givenchy (5) and Valentino (6), rankings that were exactly the same in the previous quarter. So not only does Demna Gvasalia have Balenciaga at the top of the Q3 list, but his Vetements label is still holding strong at number four. Demand for Vetements in turn remains at an all-time high, while the brand’s influence continues to broaden.

Next, we see Saint Laurent climbing from Q2’s 24th spot, now firmly settled at seven, while Stone Island, Moncler and Raf Simons round out the top 10, respectively.

Stone Island, previously positioned at number 41, has obviously experienced a surge in popularity, in large part thanks to the likes of Drake (and a slew of other celebs), who rocks the Italian label pretty damn often, which some, however, think is ruining the appeal. Best known for their array of must-have outwear styles, we can only imagine that Stone Island will continue to ascend during the cold weather months and Q4.

Raf Simons then moved up from 21st during Q2 to 10th for Q3. Hip-hop and celebrity obsession in general have seemingly fueled the recent upswing, although the designer label has long since experienced cult status. More specifically, we can look to A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob’s affinity for the Belgian designer, which has never been more evident than on “RAF.”

The video harkens back to various Raf Simons runway collections, with a slew of vintage styles being showcased throughout.

So while a number of legacy brands continue to hold strong with their timeless fashion influence, newcomers such as OFF-WHITE and Vetements, among others, are positioning themselves directly alongside the longstanding elite, however, only time will tell if they remain there.

For more on the hottest fashion brands from the most recent quarter, follow on over to Business of Fashion.

  • Main / Featured Image: Virgil Abloh / Instagram

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