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KFC's 11 secret herbs & spices finally revealed

A nephew of the world's most famous Colonel, Harland David Sanders, otherwise known as that Santa Claus-looking guy that you see on buckets of KFC, has let the famously secretive recipe finally slip. The 11 herbs and spices found in KFC chicken appear to be salt, thyme, basil, oregano, celery salt, black pepper, white pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and two others that can't really be seen in this picture of the alleged recipe. From the sounds of it, Sanders basically just threw everything he found in his kitchen into the mix and stuck it in a deep fryer. – New York Times

Trump flip flops on immigration

Donald Trump comes across as the sort of man who doesn't truly believe in anything but his own interests, and all of his stances appear to be up for revision. But what no one thought he would backtrack on is immigration although it appears that he could be open to that as well. In a CNN interview yesterday, Trump seemed to soften his tone and start inching towards potential amnesty for undocumented migrants who are in work and positive, productive members of society – a stance favored by a certain Barack Hussein Obama. This has drawn ire from both sides of the political divide, from liberals who don't believe a single word he says, to conservatives who really only like him because they agree with his hard-line stance on immgration. – Wall Street Journal

Transgender Ken cake causes controversey

A bakery in the Californian capital of Sacramento has attracted both ire and support after posting a transgender Ken cake onto its Facebook. And by transgender Ken cake, I mean a Ken doll wearing a cake dress, kind of like Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, only less carnivorous. Some people called the cake disgusting, while others liked it, surprise, surprise. Apparently it wasn't meant as a political statement, though, and Freeport Bakery was simply fulfilling an order placed by a customer. – The Guardian

Cops in Canada & Scotland can wear hijabs now

As much of the Western world descends into Islamophobia, acutely illustrated by the banning of burkinis on French beaches, Scotland and Canada are moving in a far more tolerant direction and even allow police to wear hijabs, with both nations' police forces claiming that it helps promote diversity within their respective law-enforcement bodies. – Washington Post

Apple issues iPhone update to battle "espionage" spyware

A strain of spyware allegedly developed to hack into an Arab human rights activist's iPhone has prompted Apple to issue an iOS update that would protect iPhones from the aforementioned spyware. Usually arriving in the form of an e-mail link, all that's required is a single tap for the spyware to jailbreak your iPhone, before installing programs that can track your every move. – CNBC

Guardiola returns to Barcelona in Champions League group stage

European football's annual groundhog day has rolled around again, with Pep Guardiola's Manchester City drawn against Barcelona in the group stage of the competition. English champions Leicester City were handed a fairly kind draw in a group containing Porto, Club Brugge, and FC Copenhagen, while Tottenham also dodged some major bullets by landing a group containing CSKA Moscow, Bayer Leverkusen and Monaco. Arsenal also received their best draw in years after being paired up with PSG, FC Basel and some Bulgarian team no one has ever heard of. – SkySports News


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