Noisey has just released an excellent documentary exploring the UK’s “gangster” rap scene called Don’t Call It Road Rap. Hosted by the legendary Mike Skinner – the man behind one of the most iconic acts out of the UK, The Streets – the documentary investigates the emerging music scenes coming out of Britain at present, with Skinner interviewing a host of breakthrough artists such as 67, Section Boyz and C Biz about their come up from illicit dealings into the UK music scene.

These artists are largely all unsigned but have gained major label recognition, and are definitely on the ascendancy in UK; with their international takeover pending. Watch the Tayo Yusuff-directed documentary in full above above.

The documentary was filmed over the course of a year, and looks at how, despite it’s negative stereotypes, it’s helped the scene’s biggest names make a positive living for themselves. Last year, Noisey hosted an excellent documentary looking into the Blackpool grime movement, as well as Skepta’s Top Boy documentary back in 2015. Watch that below.

In other music news, listen to Action Bronson’s new track “Let Me Breathe” right here.

Words by Jacob Davey
Music Editor