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Following OFF-WHITE’s exclusive collection with MR PORTER titled “MODERN OFFICE,” which launched this past Monday, the limited edition capsule is further celebrated with Virgil Abloh now sharing his career advice with MR PORTER’s weekly magazine, The Journal. Revered as a workaholic, Abloh delves on a number of topics from welcoming distractions, his anxiety to coincidences and passions, to offering some much needed advice and career hacks on how to succeed in the workplace.

Read on for a few takeaways from the interview below, and for its entirety, head on over to MR PORTER.

On being a driven person…

“I think it’s in my DNA, it’s in the way I was raised. I’ve always followed my passion. And if you follow your passion, your passion becomes your occupation, then you never work a day in your life… I believe in multitasking at core.”

On his advice to always be looking for shortcuts…

“A shortcut only happens by chance, you can’t bank on it. But that’s sort of how life works. There are shortcuts for everyone. It all just depends on whether you can recognize it enough. I believe that coincidence is key, but coincidence is energies coming towards each other. You have to be moving to meet it.”

On how he performs at his best…

“When you work hard, things naturally advance. Of course, it becomes a traffic jam at points, but I think that’s when I operate at my best. Under a deadline, or under the pressure to complete, or to come up with a narrative.”

On welcoming distractions…

“For me, in a way, yes. There are different types of distraction, some productive and some not. But again, I do believe that, sometimes, when I’m distracted is when I think of a good idea. So, you can’t always call it a distraction. It’s the chaos of life.”

On his anxiety as a driving force…

“Almost everything. I might be driven by anxiety. As a creative, you’re always fighting against not having any ideas. That might be the driver.”

On the key attributes he looks for when working with people…

“For starters, someone that I identify with, someone that I think is authentic. ‘Two heads are better than one’ is something I firmly believe in. Collaboration is what happens with everyone in my offices and I believe in extending that outwards. I look for someone that has an authentic voice that, together, we could make something that we couldn’t make individually.”

Once more, head on over to MR PORTER for the entire coverage and shop the “MODERN OFFICE” collection.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
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