"California in nature, New York in expression, Danish in simplicity," states the press release accompanying Willy Chavarria's FW16 collection. An in-house line of NYC workwear store Palmer Trading Co., the brand takes cues from Chavarria's Mexican-American heritage and California upbringing, and for FW16, that means wide-legged (/huge) denim trousers, baggy tees and car coats.

"A crossover between extreme silhouette and extreme comfort," explains the label, and you'll find that in Willy Chavarria's generous cuts and choice of fabrics. Wide cuts add a butch, masculine edge, and loose, breezy fabrics hark back to Chavarria's Cali upbringing, and ensure that his pieces will no doubt be a joy to wear, too.

What's more, Palmer Trading Co. has now been fully transformed into a Willy Chavarria experience — complete with bare white walls and shop staff in vast, wide-legged trousers.

Browse Willy Chavarria's latest wares over at the label's online store. For more menswear news, check out clothsurgeon's "A Peaceful Exploration" collection, which reinterprets historical military garments.

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