Deadline reports that MGM Studios will be releasing a new action film titled Yasuke, which puts the spotlight on history’s only known African samurai in feudal Japan.

The online publication points out that the main character in the film, Yasuke, hailed from Portuguese Mozambique or Portuguese East Africa, and was taken captive and brought to Japan as a slave by Jesuit missionaries in the 16th-century. Known as the first black man to arrive on Japanese soil, Yasuke’s arrival piques the interest of Oda Nobunaga, a ruthless warlord aiming to unite the warring country under his rule.

As also reported by Deadline, the script, written by Stuart C. Paul, places an emphasis on "the complex relationship between the two men as Yasuke earns Nobunaga’s friendship, respect – and ultimately, the honor, swords, and title of samurai."

Yasuke has not received an official release date and there is no word yet on who will portray Yasuke. Follow on over to Deadline for more details.

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