We've enjoyed watching Converse reinvent the Chuck over and over again using culturally resonate branding, new materials, and fresh designs. Their collaborative work is second to none.

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Converse’s impact in sneaker culture is almost unrivaled. Beloved by music and fashion icons, as well as world-class athletes, the sneaker brand not only has a range of immediately recognizable silhouettes, it’s directly contributed to some of the most significant moments in sneaker history.

The shoe and apparel brand got its start in 1908 as a rubber company founded by Mr. Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts. Though the company would produce everything from tires to leather belts, Converse would eventually hit its stride, producing its now-legendary Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars for basketball players. The All-Star shoe design hasn't changed much since the early 20th century. However, the iconic shoe has found a new home among some of the world's most influential subcultures.

The Chuck-Taylor is undoubtedly timeless, capable of leaping between genres. From hip-hop to punk music, Chuck Taylor's has remained omnipresent on the feet of the youth throughout the decades, becoming synonymous with street style and creative culture. In the last few years, Tyler The Creator, Jerry Lorenzo, CDG Play, Futura, and Virgil Abloh have all offered their take on the sneaker, only adding to the silhouette's allure. Today Converse offers an ever-growing selection of clothing, shoes, and collaborative projects that amplify and remix their long heritage.