For many people the iPhone camera has become their first choice. The times where you needed a separate digital camera next to your phone, at least for hobby use, are over. If you are a professional photographer, shoot for work, or simply have a desire to produce a higher quality photos, then you still need to either carry a camera or at least upgrade your iPhone with some accessories. The new PICTAR camera grip turns your iPhone into a device that gets pretty close to a more professional DSLR.

The PICTAR is not only a grip that makes holding the iPhone more stable and comfortable, it also adds a series of physical buttons to the iPhone. The most interesting thing about the slide-on camera grip is the way it communicates with your iPhone. Rather than using Bluetooth, like most competitors, it uses ultrasonic sound waves that the PICTAR app, which you have to use with the grip, then picks up and turns into actions. That technology leads to less battery usage and allows you to use the case for several weeks in a row. We like the somewhat old-school design of the case, reminding us a little bit of the Ricoh GR case, which is one of the most comfortable cameras to hold on the market in our opinion.

The PICTAR is now available on Kickstarter and since it is already beyond its funding goal, it should be shipping some time later this year.

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