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Even though things are changing with longer videos and more, Instagram continues to surge as today’s premiere social media network, having surpassed 400 million users in late last year. Of course, your feed is only as good as who you follow, so a strong set of accounts is paramount in getting the most out of Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a bit of eye candy, IG is packed with incredible imagery from all over the world.

Continuing our 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week feature, team Highsnobiety chose another five of their favorite personalities on Instagram. Be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or fashion, each of these accounts share amazing photos on a regular basis, so you’re sure to find someone new to keep your feed interesting.

Read on for our latest picks.

@qmike / Followers: 60.5k / Joined: 3 years ago

Follows: I follow a lot of travel and lifestyle bloggers. One of my favourite instagramers is @pauljungdiary. I really love his minimal aesthetic and how he embraces simplicity and fashion photography in such a original way.

Favorite place to shoot:  Any sunset landscape or a rooftop with an awesome city view.

Footwear of choice: White Common Projects or classic black Dr Martens.


@jack_palma / Followers: 2,080 / Joined: August 9, 2013

Follows: Hard to say, but @helloemilie is up there and is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. She always manages to nail it, and her photos get me eager to get out there and shoot more.

Favorite places to shoot: At the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, for sure. As for my favourite location, I’ve got very fond memories of shooting on the west coast of USA. However, New Zealand will likely overtake that top spot when I get there!

Footwear of choice:​ Barefoot! It’s landed me in trouble a couple times with splinters, but there’s nothing like the feel of the earth under your feet to put you in the moment when you’re shooting a landscape.


@yesjulz / Followers: 340k / Joined: 2013

Follows: @KodakBlack is the most amazing human on Instagram right now.

Favorite places to shoot: I hate photoshoots so I would have to say, if it’s photos of me, my parties/events are my choice of place. I like in-the-moment shots that capture the energy of a specific moment in time. Scenery wise, I love taking photos of Paris. It’s just so magical there.

Footwear of choice: My sneaker of choice rotates often but right now the my white velvet Chanel sneakers are my favorite.


@insighting / Followers: 335k / Joined: 2014

Follows: One of all the accounts that I follow and enjoy would be @vdubl. The symmetry and editing process speaks for itself. Awesome work.

Favorite places to shoot: Favorite place to shoot is often downtown NYC, there’s a good mixture of portraits, look ups and beautiful cityscape.

Footwear of choice: My favorite sneaker of choice is the Air Jordan 1. Always torn between Fragments or 2001 Breds.


@malebitch / Followers: 7,620 / Joined: July 12, 2012

Follows:  @othergirl_julia. She’s one of the two faces behind the “me and you” project. I love her aesthetics, cute and ingenue, yet provocative and full of meanings.

Favorite places to shoot: I like hybrid places, when nature meets the city and flowers melt with bitumen.

Footwear of choice: Hard to pick just one.. I’d say the ‘I Love Nike’ Air Max 97 GS edition in pink.


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