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Luxury phone customizer Feld & Volk has launched nine revamped models of the new 4-inch iPhone SE, featuring sapphire, carbon fiber and rose-colored wood.

The “Carbon All Black” model boasts a treated carbon fiber back panel and a full gloss sapphire Apple logo. The latter feature is widely used in custom devices made by Feld & Volk, but it’s the first time a black “apple” has been used.

The “Rose” model is draped in a tender rose shade of treated Karelian birch, and matches the rose gold side panel. A glowing Apple logo made of sapphire crystal finishes the look.

Meanwhile, the “Sapphire” models are dressed in two new prints, including a black-and-white version that resembles the curvature of space alongside a UFO-like green Apple logo. There’s also a lighter sapphire model, “StarDust,” which resembles the Milky Way.

Check out of the full lineup of Feld & Volk customized iPhone SEs over at the brand’s website.

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