In the heart of Paris in the midst of fashion week, London-based D /ARK Brand Development Agency unveiled the third edition of D /ARK /CONCEPT: a unique hybrid installation space and commercial showroom of designer brands who are fast establishing their mark in the industry.

The latest edition features the return of individually curated showrooms from Craig Green, Loha Vete and The Reracs, while also featuring D /ARK curated areas from additional modern brands like Avvikk, Buanne, Huez, Petrucha, People of All Nations (POAN) and Victor Glemaud.

For this iteration of the showroom, director Barbara Grispini wanted to look at “the elements of what, to us and the close people around us, defines modernity and luxury today, with the cross pollination of origins and the challenging of gender boundaries as two key modern factors and time as one of the key ultimate luxuries. In light of the current social political climate, these elements that we have often taken for granted really stand out as some of the most precious luxuries of our generations.”

D /ARK /CONCEPT /PARIS – June 2016 runs through June 29.

Galerie Moretti & Moretti
6 Cour Berard
75004 Paris , France

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