Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

The internet is now a basic human right

The UN’s Human Rights Council recently passed a non-binding resolution in June that declared internet access a basic human right, condemning governments that take steps to restrict their citizens’ web access. Although this highlights how integral the internet has become to our daily lives (as if we didn’t know already), let’s not forget that the resolution is non-binding, so in reality it does nothing to stop oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia and China actually messing with their citizens’ web rights. – Gizmodo

How “Remain” lost the Brexit vote

Most of Britain’s non-bigots were so self-assured in winning the Brexit referendum two weeks ago that the intervening period since their loss has been largely spent trying to figure out what in the bleedin’ ‘ell just happened, cor blimey guv’na. In an extended, in-depth long-form, The Guardian reveals the intricacies of where the vote was lost, and how the full force of the political and economic establishment proved so utterly feeble in avoiding disaster. – The Guardian

Trump fights off anti-Semitism claims

Yesterday we reported that Donald Trump was caught in yet-another racism shit storm, and as you’d expect from The Donald, rather than just admitting he ballsed it up, his campaign has dug their heels in and proceeded to furiously bat away allegations of anti-semitism, claiming instead that it was most definitely a sheriff’s star, rather than a Star of David that it used in its anti-Hillary propaganda. Not good news for his attempts to appeal to the moderate vote. – Washington Post

Satellite Juno enters Jupiter’s orbit

NASA launched Juno five years ago and the satellite has finally entered Jupiter’s orbit, and its mission will be to sense the planet’s deep interior and reveal how our solar system’s biggest planet formed some 4.5 billion years ago. Y’know, science-y shit. – BBC News

Kevin Durant to sign with Golden State

As the old saying goes: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And Kevin Durant is doing just that by leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the team that dumped them out of the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors. Durant announced his departure via a bizarre breakup letter published by The Players Tribune, where he paid a gushing tribute to his now former team and talked about “becoming a man.” The word “man” gets mentioned a lot. – Wall Street Journal

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