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Following on from the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, yesterday Apple rolled out the long-awaited iOS 10 update. Described by the company as more personal, powerful and playful than its predecessor, the new iOS comes with a slew of new apps — some of which, ostensibly, are of a more pressing need than others.

Listing every new feature would be pointless, so below we’ve listed eight of our nifty favorites. For the full breakdown, head to

1. Revamped Maps

There can be no denying that Apple has made significant improvements to their previously mocked Maps app in recent years (lest we forget it was not so long ago when CEO Tim Cook implored phone owners to download Google’s version instead, such was the poor quality of his own product), and now users will be able to live search along their route for the best coffee shops and restaurants, as well as use third-party apps like Uber and OpenTable without leaving Maps.

2. The Stocks App Can Now be Deleted

For the vast majority of users, the Stocks app sits there pointlessly; offering and doing nothing but taking up space — like an app version of a disused exercise bike, or Tyga. Along with maps, podcasts and contacts, it can now be deleted, although don’t go celebrating your newly discovered memory too wildly just yet — the Health app is still an unmovable prerequisite.

3. Messages Just Got a Whole Load More Fun

Users of Facebook Messenger or WeChat will no doubt be accustomed to sending GIFs and sticker packs, with iMessenger feeling a bit…stale in comparison. Now, iOS10 incorporates the aforementioned, as well as Snapchat-style video sketches, animations and effects.

4. And There’ll Also be New Emoji’s

Yep, we already knew this one. But still, no matter how trivial said ideograms might be, replacing revolver guns for water pistols on any level is always deserving of a (no pun intended) thumbs up.

5. Quicker Access to the Camera

Anyone who’s scrambled to their phone in an attempt to take that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it photo only to be foiled by the lock screen will know of the incalculable pain caused by such a situation, but now the user can access the camera with a single swipe to the left rather than swiping up on the camera icon — as was the case on iOS 9.

6. You Can Now Track Your Sleep Pattern Using the Clock

Despite there being an abundance of apps out there already designed to do this, none offer the same convenience as one officially incorporated with the phone clock. The Bedtime feature is designed to get the user in and out of bed at appropriate times, with a buzz alerting them should they be up too late (i.e. – sitting on the couch at 1:00 a.m. watching Netflix).

7. Quickly Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

Ever been close to losing your mind because of unceasing Groupon notifications? Well, now you can banish them forever with the mere flick of a finger. Due to new improvements in the Mail app, iOS 10 can recognize mailing lists (somehow scanning the message), before a pop-up message prompts the user on whether they’d like to unsubscribe. Mail will then automatically send out a message on your behalf, telling the rogue mailman to stay back from your inbox.

8. Multilingual Typing

For any bilingual folks, the iOS 9 predictor function was problematic in that it only read from one dictionary at a time. Now users can select more than one required language, allowing them to express themselves quicker and easier.

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